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  • Alperin Management & Creativity (now HAWKINGBRIDGE) 

Management, Creativity and Leadership Consultants

2005 - Now



External consultant for corporations, NGOs, and the Government Sector. Also workshops,  seminars   &  conferences, Subjects range from crisis management, dispute resolution, leadership,  creativity,  innovation,  product development, market development and general marketing, technological impact on organizations, sustainability, creative leadership, change management, and communications, to legal issues including ethics, compliance, legal marketing and international law.


  • Alperin Contemporary Art

Artist / Key Note Speaker on Creativity, Innovation & Art/ Art Exhibition

Consultant & Organizer

1993 - Now

Argentina - USA


Visual artist. Exhibitions in Argentina, USA, UK, Australia, Portugal and Switzerland. Exhibition Organizer.

See and   for more information.


Lectures on art, creativity and business: 

- Creativity lecture at the Embassy of Argentina in the USA, Washington, DC

- Solo Lecture at the International Association of MBAs International Conference 2018

- First C.I.E.E.  Conference in Argentina

- Creative Management lecture for Management at Radio Mitre, Buenos Aires, Argentina

- Globalization in the Art Industry Lecture at Borges  Cultural Center, Buenos Aires

- Creativity Lecture at Ave Maria University, Florida and Hodges University, Naples, Florida

- Creativity Lecture at Universidad Austral

  • Dinison Group

Member of the Board

2009 - 2012


(See company description below)




  • Ecocav S.A.

Senior Adviser to Board

2010 - 2011

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Previously: C.E.O.

2008 - 2010


Ecocav S.A. was a company which came to be as a result of the IAE Business School’s (Austral University) Center for Entrepreneurship. It was specialized in the area of urban ecological furniture. The exclusive ingredient in the company’s design philosophy was that all of their designs also had to be vandalism proof, environmentally friendly products, durable, and efficient when used in waste separation programs. It is here where ECOCAV excelled. The Company became a recognized brand name in Premium urban furniture in Argentina. The company had also patented products in Argentina, Brazil and Mexico. It was acquired by new owners in 2011.


  • Dinison Group (Diporto, Tennison & Sons)


2003 - 2008


Specialized in marketing (sports marketing particularly), communication, press and media management, events and production. DTS was sales agent for the Buenos Aires ATP tennis Tournament since 2003 until 2010, exclusive agent of the Argentine Tennis Association from 2005 until 2009, was commercial agent of Fed Cup 2004 and Davis Cup 2005. They were also the commercial and sales arm of SOLO TENIS Magazine (2004-2007), produced part of the English version of the Argentine Football Association’s magazine (2006-2007), published TENIS.AR, one of Argentina's top tennis magazines in terms of circulation (2006-2008). In 2005 DTS began the first charitable professional tennis tournament in the region working with Unicef, food banks, & other NPOs. In 2008 the company began work with Alberto Mancini, then Captain of the local Davis Cup Team, collaborating with sponsorship and promotional maters. It also collaborated, amongst others, with respected tennis journalist Enrique Cano. The company was also involved in the creation/development of online sports communities.

In specific marketing terms, I have had to complement global communication and branding strategies, in line with the purpose, values and positioning of the different brands. I had the responsibility to determine public interest in line with strategic goals and materials for the organization, create specific content by target audience, design and develop communications and advertising campaigns, and change of image  which included leading processes related to creativity, graphic design, development of graphic, audiovisual and digital pieces as well as the development of web content and social networks according to market trends, monitoring of KPIs for communication and branding, as well as events with clients and PR.




  • FERRELL LAW (then known as FERRELL SCHULTZ )

Managing Partner Argentina Office

2002 - 2003


Managing Partner for Argentina of this now extinct Miami based international law firm then headed by the late Milton Ferrell Jr. Major responsibilities were PR, marketing, and new business development of the newly established practice in Argentina (in association with the prestigious Allende & Brea local law firm). In a short period of time, and in the middle of one of Argentina’s worst economic crises, the firm produced extremely strong results.

The Argentina office was mentioned in several publications in the U.S. by some of the top partners of the firm as an example of how a foreign legal firm should enter the difficult Argentine legal market, especially at a time of national crisis.

As a result, I was designated by the Firm to represent it within the organizing committee which was in charge of the reception held in Miami for the then Vice-President of Argentina, Daniel Scioli, in his first official visit to the US.

As the managing partner for Ferrell in Argentina, task combined overseeing legal projects from local clients or US clients with interests in the region, both

in the US and Argentina, promoting the firm's activities, engage and incorporate new high-level clients, and organize events and PR to generate new leads.





  • ASSOCIATION OF THE BAR OF THE CITY OF BUENOS AIRES (Colegio de Abogados de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires)

Executive Director / Academic Director

1997 - 2001 


Selected as the first Executive Director in the history of the Bar Association. Figure similar to that of a C.E.O., responsible for all major areas: public policy implementation, government and parliamentary relations, fundraising, marketing, communication and media relations, new business development, IT and new resources, etc. Developed new institutional profile, strategic alliances and a new program oriented towards society’s awareness of rights and obligations. Amongst many projects of interest, he participated in the project “Justice and economic development”, a White Paper presented to the President of Argentina in 1999, as representative of the ABCBA. In the area of sustainability, preservation of forests from depredation and water resources management, the Association worked in a 3 year long joint project with FARN (Fundación Ambiente y Recursos Naturales, NPO created by acclaimed constitutional expert Daniel Sabsay), The Association increased its income threefold, while increasing membership by 30%. In parallel, carried out duties of Academic Director of the Bar from the end of 1998 until 2001.




  • Robusta Technical Fabrics (Holand)

Project & Market Report - New Business Development

1996 - 1997

Argentina / The Netherlands


Feasibility study on the road and port construction industry. Based on some of the recommendations made on that report, the company became associated with a local partner, and over the years since then, they have become one of the world wide leaders in geotextile based coastal protection.




  • Dow Jones Telerate (Television)

TV Anchor / Commentator

1996 - 1997 

Buenos Aires, Argentina


Member of the team that started TV transmissions in Argentina (acquired by Bloomberg sometime after his departure). Regular columnist on local political issues, regional integration, regional markets, and justice.




  • The CT Organization

New Business Development Manager

1994 - 1996

London, UK

Based in Buenos Aires, London and Stuttgart. Responsible for the development stage of two “concept based” projects . An International Fashion Boutique Hotel in the US and a Motor racing inspired Restaurant chain.




  • Juncadella / Prosegur Internacional (Holding)

New Business Development Assistant Manager

1991 - 1993

Buenos Aires

New Business Development Assistant Manager. Directly Responsible of a J.V. prepared for the privatization of cellular phone services within Argentina (Negotiated with South Western Bell (U.S.A.), Cable & Wireless Ltd (U.K.) & The EXXEL Group (ARG.)). Data Transfer and V.A. Networks project. Set up and proposed the original project for home alarm interconnected services in 1991 (today one of the company's main revenue generators).




  • AT Pty Ltd.

Commercial and Legal Assistant Manager

1984 - 1990

Melbourne, Australia


Based in Melbourne, Australia. Responsible for Patents and Licenses Area. Company specialized in research, development, and sale of technology for the construction industry. Responsible for negotiation of licenses with Syme Darby Ltd (Hong Kong)  &  BTR Limited (UK).



  • Indran Technical BHD.

Project Manager


Malysia / Singapore

Malaysian Company based in Petaling Jaya, Kuala Lumpur. Responsible for coordinating a new Production Plant of reinforced Concrete Beams in Kual Lumpur. General management and commercial advise for projects in Singapore and Malaysia. Assisted in a project to build low income housing in the Malay interior using reinforced beams.

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