Exclusive Certified series of Original Digital Art* in

limited editions, printed in the USA and ready to hang.

Current series exquisitely printed directly on brushed metal. All prints signed and numbered by hand by the artist.Once each series is sold out, each artwork will never be reprinted in the specific format, thus guaranteeing the long term value of your investment.


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CONTACT : Enquiries / Exhibitions / Commissions 

Feel free to contact me on the form below regarding comments, acquisitions, exhibition opportunities and general enquiries.

I normally accept commissions and deliver almost anywhere in the world.

Information on my current and future exhibitions is usually found on this website, and on my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Also, f you are interested in my art, there is much more beyond this website, so there are links to all my social media channels both at the top, and at the bottom, of the page. 

I look forward to hearing from you. Send me a message on WhatsApp and lets have a chat. 



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 ©1997/2020 Texts, Art & Design by Ignacio Alperin

 Photography: Fabian Cañás / Ignacio Alperin

Alperin Digital: FOREST FLOWERS

Certified series of Digital Art in limited editions printed straight to metal in the USA. All prints signed and numbered by hand by the artist. Each image never to be repeated once the series are sold out. Sizes: 1. 7x11in ready to hang, series of 500. 2. 18x29 ready to hang, series of 250. 3. 36x58 ready to hang, series of 100.